Friday, June 4, 2010

Stolen Identity

Today I found out that I have apparently become the lastest victim of Identity theft. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this circumstance has a ripple effect that is spreading quickly, and I do not know how much more serious it will wind up being. Unfortunately, my wake up call came in a rather serious way.

Checking the mail this afternoon, I found a letter address to me and the Sailor from the IRS. According to the letter, we committed tax fraud on our 2008 tax return, by not claiming all of our taxable income, therefore being the receipents of a tax refund larger than what we were entitled to. To the tune of $1,700.. before penalties.

The proof they enclosed, was a partial W-2, from some Restaurant in Las Vegas, where apparently, my social security number was used to earn wages somewhere around the 6,500 mark,for that year. This is all apparently news to me. Since, at no time during 2008, did I reside in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the W-2 did not show the "name of the employee" or the Tax ID number of the Restaurant. So I am shooting blindly in the dark, trying to figure out which restaurant in Vegas it is.

I have until July 1st to dispute this claim, or to pay the alleged amount owed. However, it is not enough according to the letter to just submit proof that I did not make that income. They outline in the letter that I am supposed to name the person who earned those wages, and provide their address and Social Security number, as well. How in the heck should I know?? Obviously this person is using my social security number...

As of yet, I do not know how far the Identity theft goes. I have made preliminary contact with the restaurant I believe was the employer listed on the W-2, and I am hoping that after I offer as much information as I can, that I will discover this person used just my social security number, and does not have my name, or date of birth, etc.

The sad part is, unless I can provide concrete proof that this income was not earned by me, the IRS will expect us to pay them back. So here I am, a law abiding, tax paying citizen, who may very well wind up paying taxes for someone else.

When it Rains... It Pours.

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  1. Oh my gosh Antonia! This is horrible! I am sooo sorry! :( I really really hope that you can prove that this wasn't you. There has to be SOME way. Best of luck to you hun. I understand this is very hard on you and your family. I don't know what I'd ever do if this happened to me. Stay strong!

    P.S. I love your new blog