Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook Statuses... Everyone's got them!!!

Admittedly, I am a just as addicted to Facebook, as virtually everyone of my FB friends. There are so many ways that I can waste time and procrastinate every day. If it's playing mindlessly enteraining games, posting photos and videos of the family, reading my friends statuses and posting appropriate comments thereafter, or looking at the latest galleries of my extended network's countless kiddos.. I just can't get enough.

Not to mention that I love posting witty statuses here and there, updating my friends and family on little slices of my life, every so often.

Lately, though I have noticed that Facebook statuses seem to have become platforms for political arguments, and venting points for people to complain and bemoan, all of the complex "Injustices, and discriminations" that occur with regularity here in this country.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. But... why is it that those who are politically or morally liberal so close minded and judgmental when it comes to reading other people's statuses?!

I have friends who come from all walks of life, and who all come from a wide range of polictical backgrounds, religous beliefs, and value systems. So it's no wonder that I have both very liberal sets of friends, as well as very conservative sets of friends.

I can't tell you how many times, I have seen my conservative friends brow beaten and insulted for supporting things like border patrolling, or a ban on Gay Marriage, or Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice. By the same people who will soap box till they are blue in the face about hot topics like supporting Obama's healthcare bill, or legalizing Gay Marriage, or standing in opposition to law enforcement meant to force illegal immigrants out of our country.

So it leads me to wonder, if these liberal, open-minded people believe we are all entitled to our thoughts and beliefs, why are they so critical and negative towards those who display different thoughts or beliefs?

After all, this is still America, and freedom of speech is still one of our rights. Last time I checked, it was part of the freedoms that we enjoy here, that Sailor protects daily, in service for our Navy.

So when did being conservative become Politically incorrect?? For that matter, when did being Politically incorrect become an unforgivable? It seems to me that so many of my liberal facebook friends support ideals and lifestyles/legislation, that not so long ago in our past would have been considered politically incorrect, and would have most of the rest of the country in an uproar.

After seeing the nasty comments posted back and forth whenever these hot button topics are put on display, I have decided that I will simply keep my own statuses free of rants, ideals, or opinions.

That's what I have my blog for.

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