Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catch A Wave

Hello and welcome to my blog. I suppose this is where I tell you all a little bit about myself and my reasons for writing.

I am a 33 year old Navy Wife, since June 2008. I grew up as a military brat, having lived in mainly different places by the time I was 18. I spent my late teen years in the heart of Wine Country, California. In 1996, I became a mom for the first time, to a beautiful daughter, (Sweet Pea).

After a brief stint living in Sin City, Nevada, we returned to Wine Country where we lived for several years.

In 2007. I met my husband, (The Sailor), and after a whirl wind of a romance, we were engaged in January, 2008.

Sadly, in February 2008, I received devestating news that I had miscarried, losing our first child together at just shy of 8 weeks pregnant. We continue forward, and in June, 2008, I officially became a Navy Wife.

Sweet Pea and I joined the Sailor on a Tropical Island out in the Pacific, where we lived from June 2008 until March 2010. Shortly after our wedding, we received news that the Sailor and I were again expecting.

In April 2009, we welcomed our son, (The Monkey), to our family. So now, I am a full time, SAHM to a very active, wonderful toddler, and a very dramatic, expressive, teenager. My life is busy, and full of surprises.

So feel free to grab an oar and join me in the life boat, as we navigate the seas of Navy Life..

Welcome Aboard

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