Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Pitter-Patter Of Little Feet...

For the last few weeks, it seem the stork has been ever present... touching my friends' lives. In the last 4 weeks, there have been.. we're pregnant annoucements, we're having... annoucements, and our little one has arrived annoucements. Not to mention the never ending facebook statuses.. The last weeks of pregnancy are so difficult..., And when will this baby arrive?! Etc... Kinds of comments. It seems that Mr. Stork has been in overdrive bringing special deliveries to all my friends.

But truthfully, with all of the special deliveries that seem to be arriving lately, I can't help but raise my eyebrow a bit..

Take my friend who since her wedding in 2007 has given birth 3 times. Her first arriving shortly after our wedding in 2008, the second arriving shortly after the Monkey arrived, last year, and the newest addition, who arrived on Friday. What is so very mind boggling to me, is why they were in such a hurry. Granted, there is a significant age difference between she and her husband, he is a couple years older than I am, and she is in her late 20s. Still, I don't understand why she would push herself to have so many little ones, back to back to back like this. Especially considering that she has had significant complications during each pregnancy, and C-sections for each one.

What's even more comical have been her statuses on Facebook through out this most recent pregnancy. Particularly when it comes to the last few weeks prior to delivery, which by the way occurred 6 weeks before this newest one was due. Things, like how hard the last weeks of pregnancy are, and how she can't stand being so uncomfortable, and how the baby was being evicted..(that one was the last pregnancy related status posted, surprisingly the night before she went into labor.) And now, she is dealing with medical issues with this newest baby, because he wasn't ready to make his appearance into the world, and I just can't help but wonder when she lost her common sense.

She knows where babies come from after all.. She knows she has difficulties with her pregnancies, and that she is a C-section canidate. She knows how challenging having one newborn in the home is, let alone multiple children under the age of 3. Dare I mention the fact that she's also in the medical care profession, so has more than just the average person's knowledge on how major surgery impacts the body, not to mention how the complications she has experienced during each pregnancy is magnified moreso by things like excessive weight. Lord bless her, but she was not a petite girl to begin with, and with each pregnancy she has admittedly added more weight, which she has been very honest in disclosing to me that she has not lost. Yet, she and her hubby seem in such a hurry to add more children to their family.. they now have 4 children in the home.. 3 of them all having arrived during their last 3 years of marriage. I am starting to wonder if she and her hubby are thinking of giving the Duggars a run for their money.

Then there is another friend of mine, who should be delivering her son any day now. She like me, has a bit of an age difference between her two children. Her oldest son is 6 or so. This newest one came as a bit of surprise and she and the baby's father decided to get married several months into her pregnancy. Now, she is excitedly waiting for the arrival of her new baby.. and while I am happy for her, part of me wonders what the heck is going on in her mind too.

Given the fact that she gave custody of her first son up to her Ex-husband, because after she got divorced, she decided she didn't want to have any responsibilities. She has been in the Navy for for nearly all of her her first son's life, and because of that, she has not even lived in the same state as her oldest son for quite some time. Though now that she is out of the Navy, a recent development within the last year or so, she has decided to lay down roots at her very last duty station, which was the same very rock that the Sailor and I came from earlier this year. Which means, she obviously won't be taking road trips on a regular basis to visit with her older son. Though, she is posting the weekly belly shot of this progressing pregnancy, and answering other friends comments about how lucky and blessed she is to be expecting her new son, and how her husband and she are so thrilled and can't wait for his arrival.

Yet, in the years I have known her, she has almost never mentioned her older son, not directly or in her public profile on FB.. and I can't help but wonder if her enthusiasm for her new baby is based on the relationship she is currently in with said baby's dad?? And I can't help but wonder what kind of a mother allows her relationship or interaction with her child be determined by if she is in a significant relationship with the child's father. Why is one child then deemed more special or more important than the other?? Sadly, I know this is behavior that happens on more than a regular basis. I have seen it happen with several friends I have known since high school, particularly the couple who became teen moms. Some how, one way or another, their oldest child has wound up up with the biological fathers, and these women have gone on to marry later on down the road and establishing families with their husbands, whom they celebrate and brag about on a regular basis, but their first child is rarely discussed, or even recoqnized. I don't believe that all of them in every case have such an ill fated relationship with their first borns as to warrant little to no contact with them. So I can't help but wonder why all of their children aren't loved the same??

And now, because my insomnia has finally worn off.. I am off to bed...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Knocked Up?!

As much as I dislike referring to the possibilities of impending motherhood in such a manner. Somehow, I feel like there is not really any other way for me to refer to what has been going on with me lately.

To put it into perspective, the Sailor and I decided a few months after the Monkey made his debut into the world, that we were finished having babies. Mostly, due to the complicated pregnancy that I underwent with the Monkey. I haven't even thought for a moment that I might want to have another little one with the Sailor, despite the fact that he and I only have the Monkey together. (Sweet Pea is my daughter from a previous relationship.)

So back in January, I had my tubes tied.

Having a bi-lateral tubal ligation, isn't just a process of going in and letting your doctor know you aren't interested in having any more children. It entailed an education class on the effectiveness of the procedure, as well as the side effects and draw backs to the procedure. After I completed the class, I had to undergo a rather extensive pre pre surgical consulation, where my doctor discussed with me at length my reasons for having the surgery, as well as the consequences.

Needless to say, it was determined that I would be a good canidate for the procedure, and with a nip and a tuck, I was sent on my merry way.

Fast forward almost 6 months...

The last week or so, I have been feeling slightly out of whack. Exhausted more than usual, my breasts have been realtively achy, and I have been feeling a bit puffy and bloated. Now, I have perfectly good explanations for each of those symptoms. Sure, I haven't been sleeping well lately. We have had some rather warm weather the last week or so in particular, and despite the fact that I have put in at least a few maintenance requests to our landlord, our A/C has not worked since we moved into our home, and it has been dreadfully warm at night. I have been tossing and turning most nights.

I can attribute the achy breasts to the fact that my monthly visit from Aunt Flow, should be arriving any time in the next 3 to 5 days. I can also reason that my breasts are a little bit more sore than usual because the Monkey has greatly decreased his nursing. The heat has caused him to be more interested in juice and water. Which is good because he is staying more hydrated I think that he would if he were nursing more. So I suppose the milk supply that is still evident, despite the decrease in demand, might be part of the reason I am so sore. However, the pain doesn't feel like engorgment, or like I need to nurse.

Then of course, the bloating could be due to the fact that Aunt Flow should be on her way anytime. But, there seems to be some slight pressure in my abdomen, that I can't quite explain. If these were the only symptoms I had, I might be inclined to just chalk it all up to good ole PMS.

Unfortunately, I am not exactly sure of the first day of my last period. Since, having my tubes tied, I haven't worried about my cycles, or keeping track as diligently about when my cycles are beginning and ending. I do know that I had my last visit from Aunt flow, some time between May 9th and 12th. Now depending on when the first day actually was, could be the difference between 3 weeks or 4 weeks of possible gestation, a fact that would make a very real difference in any symptoms, I think I might be having.

But tonight, the Sailor, kids and I went to Wal-Mart after dinner. On the ride over, I found myself extremely nauseous. I was car sick, which never happens to me.. unless I am expecting. I had to keep myself from losing my dinner as we stood in the parking lot, unloading the Monkey's stroller. Once we were inside the Super Wal-Mart, the smells courtesy of the bakery and Papa John's was more than I could take. I had to make a bee line to the bathroom, where unfortunately, I lost my cookies.

Despite the fact that my dinner was left back in the bathroom of Wal-Mart. I spent the rest of the evening feeling pretty much Gnarly. I also was suffering from a terrible headache, which I suppose both the nausea and the headache could be attributed to the heat we are dealing with here at home, but normally if I lose my cookies, I start to feel better. Unless I am dealing with Morning Sickness.

So here I am, worrying a bit. Though it may be unfounded. My biggest concern is that if I POAS, and it comes up with a BFP.. that the viability of another pregnancy is not likely. The reality is that if I were to come up with a positive test, I would more than likely be experiencing a tubal pregnancy. Which would of course result in more surgery. Which would be more than a problem right now, as the Sailor is still in school and would not be able to take time off to help me re-coop.

Not to mention the fact that a viable pregnancy, would be difficult for me, in ways that I am unsure I am willing to face at this point in my life. I suppose that sounds selfish and callous, especially for anyone who has had and/or is having difficulty on their own fertility journey. But dealing with Gestational Diabetes for an entire pregnancy, and not merely just the third trimester, would be more than I could bear. That coupled with the pre-term labor issues I seem to have when I am pregnant, I would be nothing but a basket case, and no good to either of my children, or to the Sailor.

I am hoping that in a few days, I will be able to look back at this post and laugh it off in hind-sight, as me misreading the signals my body has been sending me of late. Hopefully Aunt Flow will be making her appearance very soon.

I really don't even know what I would do if there was a BFP. So here is to keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a BFN.

And finally, my stomache has finally settled down. It's off to dreamland.


Two years ago, I said ' I Do.' The last two years have been challenging, difficult, exciting, demanding, rewarding, full of promise, amazing, and a thrill.

I'd do it all over again, if given the chance!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Stolen Identity

Today I found out that I have apparently become the lastest victim of Identity theft. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this circumstance has a ripple effect that is spreading quickly, and I do not know how much more serious it will wind up being. Unfortunately, my wake up call came in a rather serious way.

Checking the mail this afternoon, I found a letter address to me and the Sailor from the IRS. According to the letter, we committed tax fraud on our 2008 tax return, by not claiming all of our taxable income, therefore being the receipents of a tax refund larger than what we were entitled to. To the tune of $1,700.. before penalties.

The proof they enclosed, was a partial W-2, from some Restaurant in Las Vegas, where apparently, my social security number was used to earn wages somewhere around the 6,500 mark,for that year. This is all apparently news to me. Since, at no time during 2008, did I reside in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the W-2 did not show the "name of the employee" or the Tax ID number of the Restaurant. So I am shooting blindly in the dark, trying to figure out which restaurant in Vegas it is.

I have until July 1st to dispute this claim, or to pay the alleged amount owed. However, it is not enough according to the letter to just submit proof that I did not make that income. They outline in the letter that I am supposed to name the person who earned those wages, and provide their address and Social Security number, as well. How in the heck should I know?? Obviously this person is using my social security number...

As of yet, I do not know how far the Identity theft goes. I have made preliminary contact with the restaurant I believe was the employer listed on the W-2, and I am hoping that after I offer as much information as I can, that I will discover this person used just my social security number, and does not have my name, or date of birth, etc.

The sad part is, unless I can provide concrete proof that this income was not earned by me, the IRS will expect us to pay them back. So here I am, a law abiding, tax paying citizen, who may very well wind up paying taxes for someone else.

When it Rains... It Pours.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Habla Espanol!

Today while I was in the mall with Sweet Pea and the Monkey, one of those kiosk vendors in the center of the mall tried to flag me down, and get me to come listen to their pitch regarding their product. It was some kind of skin care product line or something. I was on my way with the kids to pickup some lunch, and I typically don't stop at kiosks in the mall anyway. I dislike it when a sales person tries to give me a hard sale, on products I don't need, and don't want.

So as he calls out to me, and does the.. "Would you like to try..." opener, I shake my head and politely say. "No Thank You." I thought this would end the sales pitch, and the kids and I would be on our merry way. The guy wasn't finished though. Apparently, he was under the impression that because I said, "no thank you", that perhaps I am english speaking impaired. So instead of just leaving us be, he yells after me. " Habla Espanol?" Umm... do I speak Spanish?! Absolutely NOT! My response back to him was a little bit less than polite. I made a scoffing kind of noise, followed by a very emphatic... "NO." To which he followed up with as much sarcasm as he could muster, "Neither do I."

So if you don't speak Spanish, why would you ask a potential customer if they do? Obviously if they are predominately Spanish speaking and you are not, you are not going to be able to assist them. Also, should it automatically be assumed that if someone tells you "No Thank You," it is because they don't speak English?

Now, I am not even going to point out that just because someone is not caucasian, and has olive skin tones, the doesn't automatically make them Hispanic, or non english speaking. Despite that fact that I am half Native American, and half Caucasian, I can not even begin to count on my hand the number of times I have been asked outright, or just had it assumed, that I am non-english speaking. In fact I think if I had a nickle for every time that assumption was made, I would have it my first million sometime by the time I was 14.

In fact, growing up I could not wait till the day when I would get married and change my last name to something, hopefully more European or Caucasian sounding, because despite the fact that my maiden name is Basque. Every time my name was called at a doctor's office, or during a school assembly, at the beginning of a school year, at the grocery store, when they use the last name as way of being customer respectful, my name was always incorrectly pronouced, and inflected in such a way, that it sounded Hispanic. This, combined with the olive hues of my skin, has many times given my first impression to anyone who might be interviewing me, or dealing with me in a professional capacity, automatic prejudices and pre conceived notions about me.

So lately, with all of the public outrage over Arizona's crack down on Illegal Immigration, I have been doing a lot of thinking. So many of the people I know who are against the bill, argue that it supports and actively increases, "racial profiling." Which in many people's opinion is blatant discrimination.

How is "racial profiling" any different from the assumptions that are made about me, based on my skin color and birth name? I have been personally affected by racial discrimination, in a negative way for the majority of my natural life.

Why? Because the fact of the matter is, we do have illegal immigrants, who come from Latin America, who do not bother to learn the language once they arrive, and then have children who are raised in a Spanish speaking home, who then enter our school systems, as non english speaking students. So now our public school systems have to teach English to these children first, before they can begin to educate them with their peers. Our government agencies, and even know private business owners, are forced to produce written materials and signage which caters to the Spanish speaking population, even going so far as to recording telephone prompt systems in Spanish first, forcing those of us who do speak english, to listen to babble until the english begins. Not only does our country make these concessions for a section of our population, who isn't even here legally, we fail to provide such provisions on a mainstream level for other mutli lingual/non-english speaking peoples.

To make matters worse, these Spanish speaking parties, who are so used to having their lack of knowledge regarding the English language catered to, have come to expect and assume that, Spanish should be offered to them as a means of communication, be it in verbal or written form. Therefore, they do not even make an attempt at learning the language of the country they are living in, and prospering in. Nor do they even feel that their offspring, who is born here and thus entitled to citzenship should have to learn the language that is widely spoken here.

In fact, I have been discriminated against by these very people, through out my own life time. I have worked in many professions, where interacting with the public has been a huge componant of my job. I can not stress enough how many times, someone who is Spanish speaking has come straight to me, because I look like I might be one of them, and have had them ask me if I speak Spanish. But it's not even just the fact that they assume I speak Spanish. It is the attitude, and rudeness that result when I tell them I am not Spanish speaking. Because it is obvious to them, that I should speak Spanish, and they take offense to the fact that I am English speaking only.

Or the times that I have applied for jobs, and the first question out of the potenial employer's mouth is, "Do You Speak Spanish?" Which is quickly followed up by some explanation of how they have alot of non english speaking cliental, blah, blah, blah, etc. But isn't that just another form of discrimination?? After all, last time I checked, the majority of the legal citizens here in our country still speak only English. Why should I be required to speak another language?

It may sound like a pretty close minded frame of mind, but let's face it. If any of us decided to go live in any other country for the any length of time, it would be assumed/understood, that some understanding and fluency in the home language of said country, would be learned, if we wanted to live, work, and get by. So, why do we cater to people who refuse to even learn our language?

That doesn't mean that I am against holding on to your heritage. Our cultural backgrounds are what make us all invidiuals. However, I do believe that if anyone makes the choice to live in a country that is foreign to their birth, that they should make an attempt to incorporate, the language, customs, and laws of the country into their daily lives.

So as for this whole argument of Racial Discrimination and Profiling, that will result due to stronger crack down on Illegal Immigration, in Arizona, or for that matter any other part of our country that follows suit and decides to do the same, I think that those out there who are sensitive to the issue, should re-consider.

I am proud that I am a Natural Born American Citizen. A fact that I would be more than glad to prove, should it be asked of me. I think that the only people who should have a problem with being asked if they are here legally, are those who are not. Those who are breaking the law, and who risk being discovered and being sent back to their country of origin.

Despite the fact that I would be a prime canidate for being stopped, should I visit Arizona, I am not at all offended by being asked about my status. Because for so many years, it has been assumed that I am non english speaking, or that I am not here legally. So being given the opportunity to prove that yes, I am here because I have the right to be, would be good for my morale.

For that matter, closing our borders and cracking down on illegal immigration, combined with passing a bill to make English our official language would give me a reason to hold my head up high and proud. It would diminish the "racial profiling" and discrimination that goes on towards those of us do have olive skin tones. Why? Because by closing our borders and sending home those people who fall under the category of illegal immigrant, it would leave only the people who are here legally, be it by legal immigration or natural birth. Then people like myself, would no longer be victims of "Racial Profiling" or discriminations. Because it would no longer be assumed by everyone else around us, that based on the color of our skin, we are not here legally, or that we do not understand English. Perhaps then, I would be taken seriously for the person I am.. Not what I am misconceived to be.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Facebook Statuses... Everyone's got them!!!

Admittedly, I am a just as addicted to Facebook, as virtually everyone of my FB friends. There are so many ways that I can waste time and procrastinate every day. If it's playing mindlessly enteraining games, posting photos and videos of the family, reading my friends statuses and posting appropriate comments thereafter, or looking at the latest galleries of my extended network's countless kiddos.. I just can't get enough.

Not to mention that I love posting witty statuses here and there, updating my friends and family on little slices of my life, every so often.

Lately, though I have noticed that Facebook statuses seem to have become platforms for political arguments, and venting points for people to complain and bemoan, all of the complex "Injustices, and discriminations" that occur with regularity here in this country.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. But... why is it that those who are politically or morally liberal so close minded and judgmental when it comes to reading other people's statuses?!

I have friends who come from all walks of life, and who all come from a wide range of polictical backgrounds, religous beliefs, and value systems. So it's no wonder that I have both very liberal sets of friends, as well as very conservative sets of friends.

I can't tell you how many times, I have seen my conservative friends brow beaten and insulted for supporting things like border patrolling, or a ban on Gay Marriage, or Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice. By the same people who will soap box till they are blue in the face about hot topics like supporting Obama's healthcare bill, or legalizing Gay Marriage, or standing in opposition to law enforcement meant to force illegal immigrants out of our country.

So it leads me to wonder, if these liberal, open-minded people believe we are all entitled to our thoughts and beliefs, why are they so critical and negative towards those who display different thoughts or beliefs?

After all, this is still America, and freedom of speech is still one of our rights. Last time I checked, it was part of the freedoms that we enjoy here, that Sailor protects daily, in service for our Navy.

So when did being conservative become Politically incorrect?? For that matter, when did being Politically incorrect become an unforgivable? It seems to me that so many of my liberal facebook friends support ideals and lifestyles/legislation, that not so long ago in our past would have been considered politically incorrect, and would have most of the rest of the country in an uproar.

After seeing the nasty comments posted back and forth whenever these hot button topics are put on display, I have decided that I will simply keep my own statuses free of rants, ideals, or opinions.

That's what I have my blog for.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

To Wean Or Not To Wean?

Lately, there's been a huge debate between the Sailor and myself.

The Monkey is nearing 14 months old, and surpisingly, I was able to make it to his first birthday sucessfully nursing him. For awhile, it was touch and go. I was concerned that my milk supply might not be adequate. Not to mention that the Monkey developed the habit of biting, and that was rather painful. However, despite everything, we made it to the 1 year mark, and now for the last couple months, I have been working on gradually weaning him.

What does gradually weaning mean?! Well, the number of times a day that he nurses has decreased to just 4 times. First thing in the the morning, when I am not quite ready to start my day, (At 5:30 in the morning.) before both his morning and evening naps, and before bed. The rest of the time, he is eating solid foods, and drink fluids. However, the Monkey doesn't have any interest in being fully weaned yet, and sometimes, I feel as if I am jumping the gun a bit.

The Sailor on the other hand, is firm in his opinion. As far as he is concerned, the Monkey should have been weaned at 6 months. A point that he has made more than clear for the last several months, and despite the fact that I have yet to completely wean the Monkey, he seems to feel that we decided as a parenting couple to wean the Monkey 8 months ago.

So, now the Sailor is resentful and frustrated with me, because he feels that I did not take his feelings into consideration when it came to the whole subject of weaning. He feels that the Monkey has an obsessive attachment to me because I am still nursing, and he wants me to stop completely and suddenly, COLD TURKEY.

Unfortunately, at the Monkey's 1 year check up, his doctor informed me that he was slightly underweight. A fact that more than surprised me, and despite the fact that we offer the Monkey cow's milk on a regular basis, he still isn't quite interested in drinking it. Because I don't allow him to guzzle down juice all day every day, I feel that nursing gives him extra calories, in addition to the food he eats, as well as additional fluids, combined with the water, and some juice he does drink.

Not to mention the fact that the Monkey has completely transitioned from breast to cup, having skipped the bottle phase completely. The Sailor believes we should start bottle feeding milk to the Monkey, so that he will wean completely from my breast. But why would I take a step back and put the Monkey on a bottle when at over a year old, he should be off the bottle?!

Lastly, there is a small part of me that isn't quite ready for the Monkey to be completley weaned yet. He is my last baby, and the bond that has been established between the Monkey and me, because I have spent all these months nursing him, is special to me. It is something that I have felt proud of myself for continuing on with, and shouldn't it be my decision as to when I am going to wean him anyway? It is not as if I plan to continue nursing him till his second birthday. I do plan on him being weaned well before 18 months. However, he still isn't quite 14 months old and I wonder why nursing my son became such a problem with my husband?!

Or is it that he is ready for the "baby phase" of our lives to be over with?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Germ Bugs and Baby Rub

The last two weeks for us have been simply dreadful. The Sweet Pea brought home all kinds of germs from school, during her last week as an 8th grader. And wouldn't you know it?! We started dropping like dominoes one by one. The Sailor started to have his own cold develop around the time that the Monkey first started coming down with his cold. In a few short days, I was living in a house of germs, trying not to breathe much, surrounded by a bunch of sickos!

So of course, having each of my kiddos sick, as well of the hubby, under the weather meant I was hitting the ground running, first thing in the morning and nearly falling over from exhaustion at night. The worst part about the plague that surrounded our house, was the fact that the Monkey, seemed to come down the cold hardest. This having been his first cold ever, it was extremely difficult for me.

Not to mention the fact that having a sick 13 month old is difficult because there is nothing you can give them in the way of traditional OTC cough and cold remedies. I was reduced simply to doses of Tylenol and baby Motrin on a regular schedule, followed by rounds of saline mists for the nose and humidifying the little guy.

By about day 4 of his cold, it was beginning to sound as if his cough was settling into his chest, and due to the high fevers he was running, (particularly at night), the Sailor and I decided it was time for a trip to the doctor. Of course, this was on a Saturday, and the medical installation here that we are seen at is only open during the week.

So here we are, in a new place, without the first clue where we can go for treatment, since it was not technically an emergency. As luck would have it, I found some information on the clinic's website, and after a phone call, a skip and a jump later, we were given referral by the "On-Call" clinic doctor to drive 30 minutes out of our way, to an urgent care facility here, where we could see a doctor.

Turns out, the Monkey was doing well, despite being sick, and the doctor merely recommended that we keep doing what we were doing.

So there was a quick stop at the store to pick up some much needed supplies. Juices, popsicles, fruit cups, etc. Since the Monkey had a pretty raw throat, due to all of the coughing. My goal was to hydrate him and keep as much of the throat friendly items I could down him. That was no easy feat in itself.

In the morning, before our visit to the urgent care, I had been online doing some research of any kind of remedies out on the market, that might just be available and safe for the Monkey to take/use. The only item I could find that is marketed to infants with colds was Vicks BabyRub.

Strangely enough, I had not yet heard anything about the rub. But the online reviews were pretty impressive. I decided we'd give it a try for the Monkey. The Vicks BabyRub turned out to be quite the Godsend. Before we used the Rub on the Monkey, he was sleeping very restlessly. His mid day naps were lasting for no more than perhaps 10 minutes at best. Unless we were holding him upright for the duration. In the evenings, his sleep was fitful, and very uneasy. He was crying because the drainage and coughing he would do while sleeping would wake him up, and for the first 3 nights of the cold, I was up with him for the most of the night, while he tossed, turned and whimpered, because sleep was nearly impossible.

Within the first 10 minutes of applying the BabyRub to his chest and back of the neck, the Monkey was feeling extremely better. He stopped fussing, and actually started to play for a little while, before finally laying down and actually resting for more than 10 minutes. We had our first long nap in days.

I was able to tell when the Rub wore off. He became cranky, and restless again, but with each re-application of the rub, I saw immediate results in his comfort level. Overall, the Vicks BabyRub, was the only remedy I had to use for the Monkey while he was ill, that actually improved his physical state of being.

The scent of the BabyRub was not objectionable to the Monkey. He did not mind the feel, or the vapors. I noticed when I was holding him that the vapors were noticeable to me, but were not overwhelming, like some other types of menthol based rubs. After a few applications of the BabyRub on him, the Monkey actually started to become visibly less fussy when he spotted BabyRub container. It's seems as if, he actually understood that the rub would help.

Despite the petroleum jelly base to the rub, I did not seem to notice much of a problem in removing it from his skin, when I would wipe him down. I also did not seem to have any issues with it staining or remaining on any fabrics that the BabyRub came into contact with.

Eventually, once the kids and the Sailor were on the mend, I started coming down with the same cold bug. The last 4 days have been relatively miserable. I actually started taking to using some of the Monkey's BabyRub myself. The scent was not as overwhelming to me as the normal types of VaporRub, and I have to admit, I did find it was easier to breathe when I was inhaling the BabyRub, than it was when I did not have it on. Overall, I am convinced it is one single best products out on the market for infant cold care.

Of course once I got sick, things here at home were still just about as bad as when I dealing with the sick kiddos and the Sailor. Because everyone still was depending on me to feed them, pick up after them, keep up with the housework, and all of the other comforts on the "MOM" list, that I seem to be the only one that can administer them properly. By the end of this week, I was so ready to just have a vacation, to try and recover from recovering from this bug.

But as of yesterday, I have begun feeling more than sub-human, and thankfully, I think I am finally on the mend. So I am crossing my fingers that I did not re-infect everyone here in my house, and praying like mad that the vicious circle of cold bugs does not yet again repeat itself.

Let's hope not anyway!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Catch A Wave

Hello and welcome to my blog. I suppose this is where I tell you all a little bit about myself and my reasons for writing.

I am a 33 year old Navy Wife, since June 2008. I grew up as a military brat, having lived in mainly different places by the time I was 18. I spent my late teen years in the heart of Wine Country, California. In 1996, I became a mom for the first time, to a beautiful daughter, (Sweet Pea).

After a brief stint living in Sin City, Nevada, we returned to Wine Country where we lived for several years.

In 2007. I met my husband, (The Sailor), and after a whirl wind of a romance, we were engaged in January, 2008.

Sadly, in February 2008, I received devestating news that I had miscarried, losing our first child together at just shy of 8 weeks pregnant. We continue forward, and in June, 2008, I officially became a Navy Wife.

Sweet Pea and I joined the Sailor on a Tropical Island out in the Pacific, where we lived from June 2008 until March 2010. Shortly after our wedding, we received news that the Sailor and I were again expecting.

In April 2009, we welcomed our son, (The Monkey), to our family. So now, I am a full time, SAHM to a very active, wonderful toddler, and a very dramatic, expressive, teenager. My life is busy, and full of surprises.

So feel free to grab an oar and join me in the life boat, as we navigate the seas of Navy Life..

Welcome Aboard